Virginia – Royal Guitar

I was a bit worried about this guitar before I bought it. It was undoubtedly beautiful in the pictures, but there can be a lot of things that look great online and don’t live up to the pics in person, but I had some very high end pickups I was looking to put into a hsh body and the pics looked great. Wow was I impressed. The pics do not do it justice. I have a vintage SG, a gretsch white falcon, an American straw, and a few more toys I have gained through the years, but this has become my daily player and I have decided against putting the pickups in it.
The Bootlegger Royal has such a impressive array of tons. I can use the coil tap and get a bright fender-type sound, or dig in on the humbuckers and get a real meaty sound. On top of the sound I really cannot say enough about the look. The frets are polished and have rolled edges once the strings were stretched out it held a tune well. The only thing I changed was adding some new knobs.

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