Tony – Spade Guitar

Looking for a good quality travel guitar which would not break the bank and came across a video review of the Bootlegger Spade 2 by a guy named the ‘Tone King’.

I typically do a lot of research when looking at buying things, especially for something like a guitar, and knew there was a risk that what I saw on a video review would not translate to something I liked when I sat down to play it but was pleasantly surprised by the Spade 2.

In fact, I’d say its pretty darn good for an reasonably priced travel guitar.  I received it last week and sat on the couch playing a few blues scales and a little ‘Stormy Monday’ was pleased with the ease of playability and the tone I was able to achieve.  It’s definitely not in the same class as my USA made G and L legacy but I did have a fun time playing it and think it will be great for a travel guitar to take on the biz trips to Asia.

I plugged into a little Blackstar Fly 3 amp and thought ‘not bad’.  I then plugged into my Fender Hot Rod and ‘not bad’ became ‘pretty darn good’.  I’d definitely recommend the guitar over other cheaper travel guitars and look forward having something to do in the evenings after a long day at the factory.


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