Rob Snyder – Shifty’8 Tube Drive Pedal Review

Hey Chuck,

Happy July 4th. I got the pedal today in the mail. WOW – what a great find. This is definitely an unsung Hero of Tube Pedals. I put it in front of a MonoPrice – Stage Right 15 watt tube combo amp. It really does a great job. Very responsive in both modes. So far I like Mode 2 with the drive backed off and the master turned up. It just pushes the tube amp enough. Plus, I back off the volume on the guitar and then turn it up when I want the extra crunchy goodness.

When I was a young dumb kid, I had one of those Matrix Mini Boogee pedals running into a really sterile Gibson Lab Series 3 amps. Thinking it was the pedal, I got rid of it. (At 16, I didn’t know crap and could not play worth a shit) Now the damn thing is considered like the Holy Grail of Tube Pedals. The Shifty’s 8 Tube drive is on par or better. One of the best Tube sounds I have heard in a long time. I can see a Zapped Up Yours pedal in my future.

Looking forward to my new Royal too.

What a great week so far.

Happy Happy Happy.

Rob Snyder
(old fart that plays guitar)