Randy Kelly – Absinthe

Dude, meets and exceeds expectations. Freaking awesome.

I’m a sloppy SLOPPY player but I’m going to post some Youtubes for my friends on Facebook. I’ll give you the link(s) if you want and you can ignore and do as you wish once I get them up there. I’m also going to play it through my Blackstar 20W and metal it up a bit to see how it sounds.

Seriously, this one will replace my Strandberg classic as my go to guitar. Even without the fan fret/multi-scale, it’s a fun guitar to play. Plus the Strandberg doesn’t have enough wood to have a decent tone, so it sounds tinny even through my tinnitus.

I can’t quit gushing. Really really nice guitar, dude. Proud I waited for this rather than an every-other-day Ibanez QX52.

Randy Kelly