Niels – Spade Guitar

Wow!  The Spade arrived yesterday and it is wonderful. You were right, the online pictures do not do it justice- the guitar is lovely and the neck and frets are truly pro quality. I put some light gauge jazz strings on it (and tuned down a whole step) and the guitar  has a beautiful warm  tone.  I have been looking for an affordable travel guitar for three years and was never able to pull the trigger on a Chinese model because they always felt cheap. The Spade is a great guitar (at a great price; and thanks for throwing in the flask. I will toast you whenever I use it!).  Thanks Chuck. On Thursday i fly to the in-laws and this will be my first trip with guitar in hand. And thanks again for the GREAT service.  I will definitely spread the word on some online jazz guitar forums.
Niels (A happy customer!)

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