Alexander Nova – Zapped Up Yours Pedal

Please take my review as what it is, this is just my opinion, and your tastes can be vastly different. The name and description are spot on, it does exactly what it says! After having it for a while now, I’ve put the pedal through it’s paces and here is what I’ve come up with. For the best sound and easiest use, I prefer using a clean amp or the clean channel of an amp. The more distorting your amp already does to your sound, the less you are going to experience the effect of this pedal as a way to replicate a distorted classic tube amp sound. If you are already happy with your amp’s distortion you can still use this pedal to give your guitar an extra push, or that little extra something for a solo. The distortion is very versatile! Depending on how much you add, you can set it to sound like your favorite classic rock guitar sound, or a modern heavily distorted metal sound. The mid frequency control gives you added control over your sound that you don’t find in many overdrive/distortion pedals. The case feels really solid and looks amazing with the art work and the glowing tube. And customer service is excellent! They were able to answer all my questions quickly and very effectively.