Adam Slager — Kalamazoo

Chuck, I wanted to make sure that I reached out to you in regards to the Zapped’ Pedal that I purchased and I do apologize for the delay. In short, what a wonderful pedal! It has all of the versatility that I would want, yet still comes through with a great tube punch that I would expect. The first words to come to my mind playing it were “ferocious clarity”! I want to thank you for your personal caring toward (my) customer satisfaction and for your company’s professional attention toward turning out such clearly quality products to fellow musicians like me. Thanks to you and Bootlegger Guitar, the Zapped’ Pedal, is now the best piece of artillery in my musical arsenal. I no longer drink whiskey, but am a huge coffee snob, so “Cheers to you Chuck with a medium grind dark roast”!

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