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  • Royal Blue With Coil Split Floating Double Locking Tremolo & Stiletto Hard Case
  • Royal Honey Coil Split Floating Double Locking Tremolo With Stiletto Hard Case
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Floyd Rose design double locking tremolo bridge system.

We wanted to create a versatile “modern” style guitar to compliment our vintage style guitars. currently offer. We spent almost a year designing, building, and refining the guitar into a working prototype for all of us to approve. The result was a modern style guitar that is comfortable to play, versatile for many different styles, and has many tonal options.

The Royal has a poplar body with a quilted maple top to give it a great tone. The first run will have a Royal blue burst finish over the quilted maple top and Royal blue finish on the back. The neck is maple with a Brazilian Cherry Jatoba fingerboard to maintain that great rich tone. It has a shallow “C’ shape that is as comfortable to strum as it is to shred with diamond whiskey fret markers. It has a full 2 octave 24 fret neck so you always have all the notes available for you to use on any song you want to play. It has a 25.5” scale length for easy navigation up and down the fretboard and a Floyd Rose double locking tremolo system to keep it in tune even when attempting those “dive bomb” Van Halen style riffs.  

The electronics consist of a 5-way switch, a volume and tone control. It has a very comfortable belly carve and chamfer for your arm to make it effortless to play all day long. The hardware is chrome with Grover tuners. It has a dual action truss rod to give you “your” perfect setup options. The pickup arrangement is a hybrid H-S-H that gives you many tonal options to choose from and having the option to split the coils on all 3 pickups gives you twice as many options.

Our Bootlegger head design is as much function as it is form. As a race car builder, driver I understand that any angle or bend can be a point of weakness under stress. We run brake lines and fuel lines with as little bending as possible. The same works with guitar strings the straighter from the tuning post to the nut means less stress on strings and strings hold tuning and resonate better. 

Our Bootlegger neck is best compared to a PRS JM shape, Fender modern C shape or a Gibson Slim Taper D shape for feel and playability. It is by far the most easy and recognizable shape for guitar players across the board. It delivers that vintage feel with a modern twist to keep it relevant and functional for guitar players playing any genre of music. 

We build with graphite nuts, along with our head and neck design this is best possible pro setup for your guitar. This guitar was built with purpose, thought, and inspiration. We wanted a guitar built for the “regular” player as well as the “performing” artist. 

We wanted it to have all the useful options needed for all skill levels and tonal desires to cover most genres of music. We wanted it to look, feel, and play like your “go-to” guitar should. We wanted it balanced and lightweight but still have that solid well built feel to it. Many versions were tried and many failed to live up to our expectations but the Royal rose to the top and met the objective. This is truly a modern, versatile, and great playing guitar. 

The factory prototype was debuted at NAMM 2020 and then again at a private event during this year’s Gearfest. It was widely praised by the diverse group of players that attended both events. 

The Royal guitar has traveled across the country several times to Luther’s, Artist’s, and industry Expert’s gaining their approval. The Royal stood true to its name and past the road test and is now available to the public thanks to Bootlegger Guitars and all involved. Reno Paulson

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