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Absinthe – Jack

Hey Chuck, It’s been a week and I haven’t been able to put the thing down. I couldn’t be happier. It’s exactly what I was looking for…. so much better actually. Absinthe + Waza Air + Dog = practice heaven anywhere. Thanks again! Jack

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Absinthe – Randy Kelly

Dude, meets and exceeds expectations. Freaking awesome. I’m a sloppy SLOPPY player but I’m going to post some Youtubes for my friends on Facebook. I’ll give you the link(s) if you want and you can ignore and do as you wish once I get them up there. I’m also going to play it through

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Absinthe Buyer (European) – G G T

Hi Chuck My guitar arrived this morning, over the moon with it, craftsmanship set up everything is super very happy. Delivery was really quick, ended up paying 1,650.00 USD but worth every penny. Thank you for the strings and plecs also, so be well and best wishes to you. Kind regards G G T

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Absinthe Honey Gloss With Case – Scott Loberger

I absolutely love the Absinthe. The setup was spot on. It plays like butter and it sounds incredible. This is my first headless guitar and my first Bootlegger guitar. I would buy another Bootlegger guitar in a heartbeat. In fact, I might have to do that soon. I am looking forward to seeing your

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Ace 5 String Bass – Ron

Howdy Chuck, Just a quick note to let you know that the Ace 5 string bass came in. I’ve had a little time to play and tinker with it just a bit and so far I love it. I’ll likely have my local guy set it up with my preferred strings but right out

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Ace 5 String Bass and Strap Extender

Just a a few words about my new Ace 5 string bass. I’ve only had a little time to play and tinker with it and so far I love it. I had my local guy set it up with my preferred strings (I do that with all my instruments). But right out of the

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Ace 5-String Honey Bass – Dave Hildreth

Evening Chuck, I couldn’t find a place to give a review, so I’ll give it here and you may do with as you will. Blessings to you! Dave Hildreth   I purchased the Ace 5-String Bass in Honey. When I opened the case up, I was drooling all over myself. The quality, the finish,

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Ace Bass 4 String White – Donald Fritzges

The Ace bass is not only eye catching, it sounds as great as it looks. From reggae to funk, jazz, or rock music, the Ace, can do it. The bass is lightweight, and has a sweet, very playable neck and fingerboard. You can really sustain notes on this bass, and create a variety of

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