Strap Extender For Our Headless Ace Bass & Spade Guitar


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Two Piece Strap Bar Extender With Two Strap Locks & Screws.

Very little happens at Bootlegger Guitar without help and direction from professional touring players.

Roger “Killer Watts” Kohrs

Roger “Killer Watts” Kohrs Ace Bass Bootlegger artist “DEMANDED” we build him or get him a Strap Extender’s for his many Bootlegger Aces.

We never argue with “Killer” we just design it. Introducing Roger’s Chest BowBootlegger strap extender for both the Ace & Spade guitars.

For use with our Ace bass & Spade headless guitars or any guitar or bass that needs improved strap location.

Originally called a Warwick Chest Bow it works with guitars that do not have a top horn, or any guitar that a strap extender can help.

Warwick Knobby

Can also help solve guitars and bass guitars with a heavy neck / head dive. Originally by Warwick their chest bow extender for the Warwick Knobby bass.  Now built by Bootlegger Guitar for our Spade and Ace guitars. It puts the strap button in the same location as if it was on the horn of a guitar. Removable and adjustable.
Two piece bar is easily attached or removed for standing or siting playing. Installed with included wood screws. Does not interfere with instrument fitting in case or gig bag.

Material light weight low carbon steel with gold finish.

As Always thank you my friend Roger Kohrs

Coming Soon Roger’s

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