Spade HSH Red Clear With Floating Tremolo Coil Split Stiletto Case  


Spade Red Clear With Floating Tremolo HSH Pickups Coil Split & Stiletto Case

New Colors and Options 2021

Color Options See Through Blue, Red, Honey, Black, Green. Also Honey Matte with Maple fretboard

We now also offer custom padded gig bags

Coil Split With Floating Tremolo

The Spade HSH Tremolo is designed to embolden the modern guitarist and inspire creativity.. The pickup arrangement is a hybrid H-S-H that gives you many tonal options. We use our matched high gain Bootlegger 98 humbuckers with a single-coil in the middle position. The two humbuckers feature Coil Splitting (not coil taping)

Coil Splitting is a way to add another dimension of tone to your Royal, you can essentially double your tone. You can use this to “cut through” in a mix or in your band. You can use different combinations of the 3 pickups to develop your own unique sound. Coil Splitting splits a humbucker into a single-coil pickup. When you split two humbuckers you have a pair of single coils.

With our hybrid H – S – H set with the coil split on you have three single coil pickups. A humbucker that is split will not sound the same as a standard single coil, so this adds a unique tone to your guitar. It cuts bass or beefyness and increases high end. With the coil-split on and the volume increased playing through a good (our Blues 15/30 6L6 Tube) amp, you can get that Zeppelin sharp high gain tone.


We use only the highest quality woods, three-piece maple neck-through construction body, swamp ash body wings, and beautiful high polished Brazilian Rosewood fretboard.

Comes with OHSC hard case ready for the road or overhead plane compartment. The Ace 4 string bass and Spade are designed by Bootlegger Guitar, and in the tradition of Bootlegger Guitar USA.


  • Three piece hard Maple body
  • Hard Swamp Ash wood body wings. 42mm body
  • Finish see through Polyurethane
  • Neck Through Construction
  • Logo Bootlegger Whiskey Tattoo


  • 3 piece maple neck through body set neck
  • Neck Profile Oval
  • Fingerboard Material Brazilian Rosewood
  • Fingerboard Radius 13”
  • Number of Frets 24 / Full Fret Access Design
  • Scale 25.5
  • Frets DHP – 24H / 2.7 mm silver nickel
  • Nut Material Graphite White / Width Thick 3.4mm / Length 42mm
  • Truss Rod Head Adjustment Location
  • Inlays, White Pearl Bootlegger Whiskey Diamond
  • Side Inlay Dots Black 1.5mm


  • Width 42mm at zero fret (nut)
  • Thick 21mm at zero fret, 23mm at 12th fret
  • Radius neck 13 inch


  • Black finish
  • Bridge & Tuners Alchemy Floating Tremolo with Monorail Bridge System
  • Head Taesung HL
  • Control Knobs Volume & Tone
  • Knobs Black Aluminum
  • Switch Tip Black
  • Switch Washer Black
  • Jack Plate LP Type Black 4 screw

Electronics Pickups

  • Bootlegger 98’s Humbuckers Alnico matched set modern wound
  • Neck    7.50 ohm
  • Bridge 8.40 ohm
  • Single Coil 8 ohm
  • Center positioned Bootlegger spec Single Coil 
  • Coil Split neck and bridge 98’s Humbuckers 
  • Controls 5 Way Toggle Switch
  • Conductive shielding for hum  noise and radio interference reduction

Strings & Set Up

  • Strings. 009, .011, .016, .026, .036, .046
  • Uses Standard Single Ball Strings
  • String Setup 1mm


  • Size 30” long  / 10” wide
  • Guitar weight 5.5 pounds
  • Guitar Measurements 30 inches long, 10 Inches Wide, 1 1/2 inches Thick.


  • With Guitar Weight 12 Pounds
  • Dimensions 33 Inches Long, 13 Inches Wide, 4 Inches Thick
  • Bootlegger Tattoo Hard Shell Case
  • Included Accessories Case Key & Related Truss Rod & Tuning Tools.

All hardware and pickups high-quality BHK Industries S. Korea. We design and build professional quality guitars and tube amps.

We have sold our guitars and our Tube amps to players all over the world.

More Information.

Since the 80’s creative builders like Steinberger have challenged the standard by producing high-quality guitars without heads. This unconventional, but savvy design places all of the hardware in one location.

Having everything in one place eliminates the need for a nut, which is a boon for your open notes and intonation in general. Without that extra wood and hardware at the end of the neck, the balance of the guitar shifts to the body, alleviating the strain on your strap shoulder. Lighter, full scale, compact and works great as a travel bass.

Headless Builders

Current headless builders such as Strandberg, Teuffel, Mayones, NS, Roehrs, Kiesel, Skervesen, and Carvin make high-end high-quality headless guitars. Now Bootlegger Guitar is introducing the new Spade Gen 2 and Ace 4 string bass,  inspired by our original Spade six-string guitar. 

The Spade is a full 25.5 scale 24 fret performance guitar. At 5 pounds It is well suited for the traveling pro or the traveling enthusiast. All South Korean hardware uses standard single ball strings. Our new Monorail bridge isolates each saddle/string so that it vibrates optimally without impacting any others, not allowing sympathetic vibration.

Wood Matters

We use only the highest quality woods, three piece maple neck through construction body, ash body wings and beautiful high polished Brazilian Cherry Jatoba fretboard. Comes with a high-quality custom hard case ready for the road or overhead plane compartment.

The Ace and Spade are designed by Bootlegger Guitar, and in the tradition of Bootlegger Guitar. 98 Proof.

A few notable headless players

Mark Knophfler

Eddie Van Halen

Johnny Winter

David Bowie

Reeves Gabrels

Lou Reed

David Gilmour

Greg Lake

Don Felder

Recent Review Spade

The Spade Clear Honey arrived last night. WOW, what a Sweet Guitar. I compared it to Steinberger. No Comparison. Just has way more depth in every aspect. Thanks for the T-Shirt and keep up the good work. I wish all of you out there a safe and healthy future. Kind regards, Doug P

I received my guitar on Friday with no issues. This thing is amazing, it has exceeded my expectations and plays as good as it looks! She is proudly hanging out with her new family and currently getting all the attention.

Beast! No cons whatsoever!!!!!!!!!

Bootlegger Guitar Hermosa Beach, California. Our guitars and tube amps are unique to us and are driven by our passion as musicians. Please read our reviews.

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