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Spade Honey Clear HH Gen 4 With Stiletto Case


Hello, we are the boutique builder “Bootlegger Guitar” Hermosa Beach, California. Our guitars and tube amps are unique to us and are driven by our passion as musicians.

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What People Are Saying About Spade

Hi Chuck, The Spade Clear Honey arrived last night. WOW, what a Sweet Guitar. I compared it to Steinberger. No Comparison. Just has way more depth in every aspect. Thanks for the T-Shirt and keep up the good work. I wish all of you out there a safe and healthy future. Kind regards, Doug P I received my guitar on Friday with no issues. This thing is amazing, it has exceeded my expectations and plays as good as it looks! She is proudly hanging out with her new family and currently getting all the attention. Thanks again! Paul U Beast! No cons whatsoever!!!!!!!!!

Cool Star Rating
Paul U.

I was looking for a good quality travel guitar that would not break the bank and came across a video review of the Bootlegger Spade 2 by a guy named the ‘Tone King’. I typically do a lot of research when looking at buying things, especially for something like a guitar, and knew there was a risk that what I saw on a video review would not translate to something I liked when I sat down to play it but was pleasantly surprised by the Spade 2. In fact, I’d say it’s pretty darn good for a reasonably priced travel guitar. I received it last week and sat on the couch playing a few blues scales and a little ‘Stormy Monday’ was pleased with the ease of playability and the tone I was able to achieve.

Cool Star Rating
Jin O

Great guitar!! UPS managed to bust off the selector switch, even though it was packed Extremely well. Sent a message to Chuck and he called almost immediately with multiple solutions to get this corrected. Since I’m good with a soldering iron, opted for him just to mail me a new switch. 2-minute fix. Great guitar and Great customer service, can’t beat that 🙂

Cool Star Rating
Philippe R.

Who-da-thunk! After playing for 50 years, thought the Spade would be a good guitar to practice on, Yup, but actually, I’ll be using her life. Chuck gives a rather complete description of the pros and cons, but in reality, there are more pluses. Build quality is excellent, from the fretwork to the hardware. It’s really stable and didn’t take long to get used to the feel (gotta stop tryin’ to fine-tune the invisible tuners on the headstock though).

Cool Star Rating
Neil O.

Only needed some minor setup tweaks right out of the box (neck was arrow straight, needed some relief for my style) Even though it has the “dime” pots, the cavity is shielded, the pups are well balanced, and can roar! As primarily a Strat player, love the scale on this, and the ability to get vintage bucker tones without switching guitars. Time will tell if it holds up to my abuse, but so far I’m very impressed. Some say it’s weird or ugly, but so am I. I anticipate a lot of questions when folks hear her.

Cool Star Rating
Andy E.

It was great working with Chuck directly. He answered all my questions and I’m happy with my purchase.

Cool Star Rating
Robert Designation
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