Spade Black Solid HH With Stiletto Case


Bootlegger Guitar Spade Black Solid Clear Finish

The Spade is a full 25.5 scale 24 fret set neck performance guitar. At 5 pounds It is well suited for the traveling pro or the traveling enthusiast. All highest quality South Korean hardware and uses standard single ball strings. Our new Monorail Bridge isolates each saddle/string so that it vibrates optimally, not allowing sympathetic vibration.

We use only the highest quality woods, three piece maple neck through construction body, ash body wings and beautiful high polished Brazilian Rosewood fret board. Comes with OHSC hard case ready for the road or overhead plane compartment. The Ace 4 string bass and Spade are designed by Bootlegger Guitar, and in the tradition of Bootlegger Guitar USA.

Specifications of Spade Black Solid



  • 3 piece maple neck through body Set neck
  • Neck Profile Oval
  • Fingerboard Material Brazilian Cherry Rosewood
  • Fingerboard Radius 13”
  • Number of Frets 24 / Full Fret Access Design
  • Scale 25.5
  • Frets DHP – 24H / 2.7 mm silver nickel
  • Nut Material Graphite White / Width Thick 3.4mm / Length 42mm
  • Truss Rod Head Adjustment Location
  • Inlays, White Pearl Bootlegger Whiskey Diamond
  • Side Inlay Dots Black 1.5mm
  • End-of-Board Width 55mm
  • Finish Honey Natural Polyurethane
  • Width 42mm at zero fret (nut)
  • Thick 21mm at zero fret, 23mm at 12th fret
  • Radius neck 14 inch


  • Three piece hard Maple body & neck through construction.
  • Hard Swamp Ash wood body wings. 42mm body
  • Finish Black, White or Honey Clear Polyurethane
  • Neck Through Construction
  • Logo Bootlegger Whiskey Tattoo


  • Black finish
  • Bridge & Tuners Bootlegger Monorail Bridge System.
  • Head Bootlegger HL
  • Control Knobs Volume & Tone
  • Knobs Black Aluminum
  • Switch Tip Black
  • Switch Washer Black
  • Jack Plate LP Type Black

Electronics & Pickups

BLG 98’s matched modern passive humbuckers with a bright, clear tone and a sweet top and deep bottom end that is the perfect choice for rock and blues.

  • Neck Pickup Alnico Humbucker BLG 98   A500K  / 7.50KΩ
  • Bridge Pickup Alnico Humbucker BLG 98  B500K / 8.40KΩ
  • Controls 3 Way Toggle Switch
  • Conductive shielding for hum  noise and radio interference reduction

Strings & Set Up

  • Strings. 009, .011, .016, .026, .036, .046 D’addario
  • Uses Standard Single Ball Strings
  • String Setup 1mm

Other Miscellaneous of Spade Green Clear

  • Size 30” long  / 10” wide
  • Guitar weight 5Lbs
  • Guitar Measurements 30 inches long, 10 Inches Wide, 1 1/2 inches Thick.
  • Case With Guitar Weight 12 Pounds
  • Case Dimensions 33 Inches Long, 13 Inches Wide, 4 Inches Thick
  • Case Bootlegger Tattoo Hard Shell Case
  • Included Accessories Case Key & Related Truss Rod & Tuning Tools.
Our Design and Parts

All hardware and pickups, Bootlegger design. We design and build professional quality guitars and tube amps. We have sold our guitars and our Tube amps to players all over the world.

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