Rye Memphis Belle Honey Matte


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Players Thoughts About Rye Memphis

About Rye Memphis Belle Honey Matte

Our first two acoustic electric guitar’s.

Yes similar guitar’s are made by the car body company, and no we do not offer an on board effect unit. Both of our new acoustic electric guitars offer only the beauty of natural wood tone. If you want to effect the natural tone you can use an effect pedal.

Interesting that both of our Rye acoustics weigh about 5 pounds and the auto body’s weigh about 5 pounds, even with the added electronics. Our body is made with all solid wood not verniers. Got Wood?

The acoustic non amplified sound is thin and pleasing. You can play the guitar acoustic (not amplified) and also use it for recording.

Out natural un amplified tone is similar to a thin body resonator, but less tin more wood. Very useful to use for a classic thin blues swampy tone. I have recorded with it with a SM57 very cool sound.

The amplified sound is from clean Piezo to loud and meaty Humbucker. The same Humbuker we use on our electrics “The 98” in a mini size and the built in Piezo is a nice clean acoustic sound.

We designed the two acoustic Rye guitars, with a string-through body construction and solid wood construction. The guitar has a very nice woody tone with a clean sustain. I believe the string through the body is a vast improvement over an acoustic with a fixed bridge.

The top is a 10mm solid spruce top.
The body back is 35mm solid mahogany.
All are expensive solid wood.

Other Specifications of Rye Memphis Belle Honey Matte



  • Bootlegger 3×3
  • Thick 12mm
  • Angle 12 Degree
  • Tuners Grover GH 102 Chrome
  • Nut Graphic (all Bootleggers)
  • Inlay Pearl White
  • Color Satin Black
  • Logo Bootlegger White Pearl


  • Material Mahogany
  • Truss Road Dual Way
  • Joint Bolt On
  • Shape D


  • Scale 25.5
  • Frets 22
  • Fret width 2.7 mm
  • Radia 350R
  • Material Rosewood
  • Dot 6 mm
  • Side Dot 1.5 mm
  • ABS Binding White


  • Shape Bootlegger Acoustic Design
  • Top is a 10 mm solid spruce top
  • Back is 40 mm solid mahogany
  • Bridge Rosewood
  • Acoustic Sound Hole Oval
  • Forearm and Belly contour cut


  • Pickup Humbucker Bootlegger 98 Mini
  • Pickup 2 Piezo Bridge Korean
  • Controls One Volume, One Tone, 3 Way Switch


  • End Pins Chrome
  • Black metal knobs
  • Bootlegger Recessed Jack
  • Weight 5 pounds


  • Honey Matte or Honey Gloss Both Clear


  • Bootlegger Hard Case
  • Tool set
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