Royal Blue With Floating Double Locking Tremolo


Bootlegger Royal Guitar

The Royal Blue Quilt Burst model offers two options with Floyd Rose design double locking bridge system. – Coil Split OR – Standard No Coil Split

    • The Royal Blue Without Coil Split is priced at $699.
    • The Royal Blue With Coil Split is priced at $759.

Select the option that best suits your preferences and enjoy the remarkable design and performance of the Royal Blue Quilt Burst.


The new Bootlegger Guitar, called the Royal, was conceived by three individuals, two Steve’s and Chuck.
– First Steve Paulson, also known as Reno, is a skilled custom guitar builder.
– Second Steve Stine, an inspirational online guitar instructor from GuitarZoom.
– Third Chuck, or Mr. Bootlegger Guitar, is the visionary founder behind the boutique guitar brand and its concepts.

The primary goal was to develop a versatile and contemporary guitar model that would complement the exceptional vintage guitars already offered by Bootlegger Guitars. We spent a year designing, building, and refining the guitar into a working prototype that received approval from all of us.

The outcome was a modern-style guitar that not only provides comfort during play but also offers versatility for different-2 styles and a wide range of tonal options.


Our Royal has a poplar body with a quilted maple top, ensuring exceptional tonal qualities. It is available in the original Royal Blue finish, as well as the captivating new Honey and Red finishes, both featuring stunning see-through burst designs.

The neck is crafted from maple, complemented by a Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard that enhances the guitar’s rich tone. The neck profile is a shallow “C” shape, providing both strumming comfort and shredding capabilities, accompanied by diamond whiskey fret markers.

Featuring a full 2-octave, 24-fret neck, the Royal offers an extensive range of notes for you to explore while playing any song. With a 25.5″ scale length, navigating the fretboard becomes effortless. The guitar incorporates a double-locking floating tremolo system, allowing for precise tuning stability even during intense “dive bomb” techniques reminiscent of Van Halen’s style.

The electronics consist of a 5-way switch, along with volume and tone controls, offering versatile sound options.

The Royal features a comfortable belly carve and chamfer, providing an effortless playing experience throughout the day.

The hardware is chrome, including Grover tuners for reliable tuning stability.

Furthermore, the guitar is equipped with a dual-action truss rod, enabling you to achieve your preferred setup preferences.

The pickup configuration follows a hybrid H-S-H arrangement, offering a wide range of tonal possibilities to suit your playing style.


This guitar was built with a purpose, thought, and inspiration. We wanted to build a guitar that would cater to both the “regular” player and the performing artist.

We wanted it to equip it with all the necessary features and options that are required by musicians of various skill levels and to offer a diverse range of tones, capable of covering a wide spectrum of musical genres.

It was essential for us to ensure that the guitar not only looked and felt great but also played like the ultimate “go-to” instrument should.

We strived for a well-balanced and lightweight design while maintaining a solid and robust feel.


The journey to create the perfect guitar involved numerous repetition, with many versions falling short of our expectations. However, among them, the Royal came out as the winner, successfully meeting our objectives. It is truly modern, versatile, and amazing playing guitar.

The factory prototype made its debut at NAMM 2019. It was further showcased at a private event during the 2019 Sweetwater Gearfest. There it gained high praise from the diverse group of players who attended both events.

The Royal guitar embarked on multiple trips across the country, visiting luthiers, artists, and industry experts, all of whom gave their seal of approval.

Today, like all our guitars, the Royal is being played and enjoyed by owners worldwide.

The Royal stood true to its name and has proven its worth on the rigorous road tests. It has proudly earned its place in the public market.

Thanks to the dedication of Bootlegger Guitar and everyone involved in its creation.

Royal Blue Specifications (not coil split)


  • Body gloss clear blue burst over quilted maple top,
  • Back gloss blue back, Natural binding
  • Neck Natural satin


  • Chrome Grover tuners.
  • FR Style Floating Tremolo double locking system.
  • Metal Chrome Speed knobs.
  • Black cover plates, truss rod cover, and switch tip.

Body & Weight

  • Popular with Quilted Maple veneer with comfort carves front and back
  • 8.4 pounds


  • Bootlegger Guitar head 3×3 with Grover tuners, locking nut (Finish matches body)


  • 1 Volume and tone.
  • 5 way switch


  • 9 D’Addario


Our Bootlegger’s neck is best compared to a PRS JM shape, Fender modern C shape, or a Gibson Slim Taper D shape for feel and playability. It is by far the easiest and most recognizable shape for guitar players across the board. It delivers that vintage feel with a modern twist to keep it relevant and functional for guitar players playing any genre of music. Royal blue neck specifications are;

  • Canadian Maple with Rosewood fingerboard
  • Neck – Bolt-on, Medium shallow “C” shape, dual-action truss rod
  • Scale – 25.5″, 24 Fret with a 16″ radius
  • Natural Satin with whiskey Diamond fret markers
  • 14-inch radius
  • 43 mm at the nut
  • 52 mm at 12th Fret
  • 56 mm at body


Bootlegger Guitar 98’s high gain humbucker set with matched Korean Bootlegger spec ceramic dual-rail stacked Humbucker in the Middle position.

Review About Royal Blue

Thank you, Bootlegger! My guitar arrived as beautifully as I expected. The quality of this instrument makes itself known as soon as you have it in your hands! The “shallow C” neck. is absolutely love! And the sound from the 98’s pickups, 5-way switch, and push-pull pots give you the versatility to jam your way!

This guitar is obviously a labor of love. Thank you, Chuck, and the collaborative work from Steve Stine and Reno Paulson! I am glad I bought from Bootlegger and am proud to own a Royal!

We do not use China hardware. We source pro-level parts from S. Korean and USA companies.
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