Honey Ace 4 Short Scale Guitar With Case


Honey Ace Short Scale Bass

Introducing our new Honey Ace Short Scale Ace (30 inch scale) bass. Our short scale provides the punch, fatter-sounding low notes you expect from a short scale while being both lighter and more compact than other short scale basses. Because it does not have a head..

Our new headless bolt on bass neck, is tapered D shape. We were asked to develop a slimmer tapered style neck for today’s progressive musicians, and we nailed it. With fully assessable 24 frets designed for the player wanting a full two octave range.


We use only the highest quality woods, three-piece maple neck through body, ash body wings and beautiful high polished Brazilian cherry Jatoba fretboard. All South Korean hardware and it  uses standard single ball strings. Comes with a high-quality custom hard case ready for the road or overhead plane compartment.

All guitars are Bootlegger Guitar designs.



All-new ergonomic, balanced design suited for sitting or standing playing. 44 mm body, hard maple with swamp ash body wings. Belly cut for comfort. Bootlegger Whiskey Tattoo.

Neck & Fretboard

5 Piece roasted maple and mahogany stingers with 4 bolt on to body construction. Material Brazilian Jatoba roasted fretboard. 350R,  24 Jumbo fret full access, 2 octaves.  Nut material, graphite.

Neck thickness 24 at nut, 30mm at 12th fret.

Neck width nut 42mm at 12th fret, 55mm at 12 fret, 65mm at 24th fret.

Dual truss rod.

Les Haley’s  (player definition) Our Modern Short Scale Tappered Neck

Up by the nut, in the first couple of frets, it feels like a medium V. As you go down towards the middle of the  neck, it tappers of to what I would describe as a C shape and then flattens out a bit more past the 12th fret into almost a U or D shape. It changes depending on the position you’re playing in. I’m not an expert on neck shapes, but I suppose a  tapered C shape is a good general description.

This definition by Les is exactly what we designed for our modern short scale tapered neck bass. Designed to be easy to play and easy on the back.

Thank you Les you nailed it.


Pickup middle BB651-4(CERAMIC8)-BOOHEUNG / 4.96KΩ Pickup rear BB651-4(CERAMIC8)-BOOHEUNG S. / 4.96KΩ

Controls 3 way, volume, tone, pickup blend


Finish black bridge & tuners. Taesung HL S. Korea (patented) head Taesung HL. Controls Volume & tone knobs black aluminum. String tuning is at the butt of the body.

Strings / Controls

Strings & Set Up Strings single ball 045″~0.105 Standard Single Ball Strings String Setup 2mm

String Spacing

At monorail bridge 18.56 mm


Bass weight 6.5 pounds. Measurements 36 Inches long, 11 inches wide, 1 3/4 thick.

Bass and case weigh about 15 pounds, case dimensions 39 x 31 1/2 x 4.


Bootlegger tattoo hard shell stiletto case Including keys and tools.

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