Electric Guitar Strings 9’s (2 High E)


Two Sets of Guitar Strings 9’s

Extra Lite 9’s Pure Nickel Wound Electric Guitar 6 String Set (2 High E guitar strings 9’s)

Includes 2 High E Strings For Maximum Protection

09, 11, 16, 24, 32, 42 Extra Lites

Vacuum Sealed For Guaranteed Freshness And Pleasure

Lite Top & Heavy Bottom To Keep On Rockin When I was a young guitar player when we needed strings, we went to the local mom and pop store. Back in the 60’s sets came with 2 high E Strings, Why? , we broke them and the extra string saved many a backyard party gig. So I brought it back, the most affordable high-quality guitar strings set plus the extra E.

These strings like our gear are pro-quality. 100% warranty. Free returns Chuck Wilson, owner Bootlegger Guitar. Los Angeles.

We offer both 9’s and 10’s and 4 and 5 string bass sets. Bootleggerguitar.com Plus collectible packaging for all the Freaks.

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