Bootlegger Guitar Clean & Polish Cloth 3 Pack



Bootlegger Guitar Clean & Polish Cloth’s Bag Pack Three 

Bootlegger Guitar Soft Microfiber Polishing Clean Cloth 3-pack keeps your acoustic or electric guitars or basses dust, dirt, fingerprint and gig sweat free.

Bootlegger’s Super Soft Microfiber Polishing Cloth 3-pack Features


  • 100% lint-free 12″ x 12″ microfiber cloths
  • Super-soft material is safe on all surfaces
  • Whisks away dirt, dust, skin oils, and more
  • Great for applying/removing polishes and waxes
  •  Washable

Product descriptions can be amusing. One company (big name) says their cloths do not have a stitched pleat saying that the thread will scratch your guitar. Our cloths are pleaded all 4 sides, they will not unravel over time. It is a top notch cleaning polishing cloth that will not scratch your guitar.

The best microfiber cloth for guitar

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