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Tubular Analog Boost Pedal

Our Tubular Boost pedal increases the gain of the signal that your guitar produces; out of all of the types of pedals on the market today, boost pedals affect your guitar’s tone the least. In simple terms, a boost pedal takes the sound that your guitar produces and transforms it into a larger and louder sound, almost as if it was a volume knob on your instrument.

Think of the volume knob on your guitar only having the ability to take your guitar’s volume to 7 out of 10,  our Tubular Boost pedal will allow your guitar’s sound to surpass that level (loud) and will give you a fifteen out of ten sound.

Our Tubular Boost Will

  • Increase the volume of your instrument
  • Add a bit of bite to your overall sound Analog Tube Warm Bite.

The increase of volume happens when you put your boost pedal in front of your amp. If you are using a distorted channel, you will find that your boost pedal won’t provide you with any extra volume boost, but will provide you with more distortion and more sustain.

The other option that a boost pedal will provide you with is using it to put into an effect loop; by putting your boost pedal on your amp first before any other pedal, you will boost the signal of your instrument without creating any distortion.


True Bypass Design
Analog Tube Sound Tone
12 AU7 Ruby Tube
Hard Metal Body
Collectible Art
9 volt Power Supply included (or standard 9 volt pedal board power)
Not Battery Operated
Led Light
Quality on off switch
1 input 1 output
Volume Control

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