Bootlegger Bass 30 Watt Amp



30 Watt Bass Amp Combo


10” Speaker

Excellent practice or small gig  amp.  Easily portable, loud 30 watts. Great looking brown fake leather tolex with black charcoal grill cloth. Cream white piping.

Front Controls

2 Input jacks high or low depending on your environment 

Volume Gain – Bass – Middle – Treble

1/4” jack for headphones

1/4” jack for D.I out

Back Panel

External fuse holder for easy access

power cord


Size 16 1/2 tall 16 1/2 wide 10 deep

Closed Back

Sturdy construction

Metal black corner covers

Brown leather look tolex

JBN 10” double magnet speaker

8 ohm 30 watt speaker



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