Bootlegger Bass 200 Watt Amp Head Compression & 10 Band EQ



New Bass Amp 200 Watt Head

Our Bass 200 is a vintage inspired design with the added versatility of modern bass amplifiers. Boasting 200 watts of solid state power, 10-band graphic equalizer, on-board compressor with level adjustment, mid-range contour control, master volume and gain control, effects loop and D.I. Out, the Bass 200 provides all the features a modern bass player requires, with tone to match.

Solid State Amp Class D

Front Panel



Compressor on / off button and contour control

EQ 10 band sliders

Boost on / off

Master volume

Back Panel

Speaker out

DI out

Send / Return effect loop


27 lbs

23 1/2”wide

11 1/2 “ deep

5 1/2 “tall

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