Bootlegger Blues 5 Watt Tube Amp Hand Wired Combo



Blues 5 Combo Tube Amp

Bootlegger Guitar Blues 5 Rectifier Tube Amp plus 10 Foot Electric Guitar Cable

The Blues 5 is the baby brother that can deliver a punch. Very simple design with volume and tone controls. You can drive the tubes with the input from your guitar or pedals to get a low volume sustain dirtiness not found in the higher watt amps.

You can mic this baby and fill any room with tube driven saturation tone. Perfect practice or recording amp, lightweight easy to travel with, 98 Proof Blues.

BootLegger Guitar Blues 5. Five watt hand wired point to point tube amp

Fender circuit style

Type: Hand wired turret board construction, all tube circuit Tweed Cabinet for the vintage sound and look.

Fender based design

Class A

Output: 5 watts via single 6V6 tube

Preamp Tube: Single 12AX7 tube

Rectifier: vacuum tube 624

Controls: Volume and Tone controls

Speaker: 8″ 8 ohm factory BLG speaker

Size: 13 x 7.5 x 13 in 19.8 pounds

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