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Bootlegger Blues 30 Upgraded Amplifier

This head features the same brown Tolex (Levant?) covering with white piping as the Blues 20 Special, but with a strip of white Tolex top front.

This amplifier is a simplistic straightforward amp.  Nice bright sounding spring reverb for great clean jangle, with  plenty of low end available.

About the Blues 30 Upgraded Amplifier


The clean tone reminds me of my favorite blackface amps of the sixties. It’s also capable of nice tweed style dirt, completely adjustable to your touch with the Gain and Volume knobs. Great for classic rock or traditional blues. The tone controls are all nicely voiced and enable you to achieve your desired tone.

Fat Switch Foot Pedal

The (foot switchable) Fat Switch is extremely useful, fattening it up just the right amount without going overboard. Can be used to achieve a nice jazz tone, or pushed, a full rock sound.

It’s a great platform for pedals, the Preamp Out and Power Amp In enhance this.


Control panel layout from L to R: Input Jack, Gain, Treble, Bass, Middle, Volume, Reverb, Presence, Power Amp in, Preamp out, Jewel light, Standby and Power switches.

Speaker / Tubes

The rear panel has Speaker Out @ 8 ohms only, and a footswitch jack for the Fat Switch.

Tube compliment: 2 6L6GC power tubes and 3 12AX7s

What You See Is What You Get

All in all, a solid, simple, WYSIWYG, traditional sounding guitar amp, with just enough modern enhancements to make it more useful in every situation. It has great tone that holds its own with any of the major brands out there.  

If medium powered ’50s tweed to ’60s blackface is the sound you’re looking for, look no further than the Bootlegger Blues 30! Rex Bailey

Now with fat switch foot pedal. You can switch from fat to non fat with the included pedal.

Specifications of Blues 30 Upgraded Amplifier

Class A 30 Watt

Tank Reverb – deep reverb when you want it

Gain and volume control (crank the gain)

Mid – treble – bass – presence controls

Fat switch more low end growl Now Foot Pedal Switchable On Off

Output Power Rating: 30W rms @5%THD.8ohm load, 220 VAC

Noise: <60mV (Volume and Tone @0)

90mV (Volume and Tone @12)

Maximum Input Signal: 1000mV rms@1khz

Preamp Tubes: 3 x 12AX7

Power Tubes: 2 x 6L6GCR

Size  21 12 12

25 pounds

Pedal Effect Loop

Foot Pedal

A few reviews

Blues 30

You can get a higher Fender twang or a lower Marshall growl with the fat switch, but you still can find your own unique killer sound that cuts through a loud band. A Fender Tele sounds like a Tele, a Gibson Les Paul sounds like a Les Paul.

Timothy Wayne Plank

Blues 30

Very cool vintage style blues machine. Shipped very quick packaged with double cardboard boxes. Looking forward to sharing it with friends.

Rick L

Blues 30

My amp arrived 3 days earlier than expected(a lot snow in N.C.). I love this amp, it’s what I was looking for a single channel 30 watt amp with 6L6GC tubes,great sounding fat switch and reverb were bonuses. Beautiful, gorgeous clean tones, (from what I hear,it’s a mix of vintage Vox and Fender),and the overdriven tones are perfect. My BOSS Metal Zone sounds great thru it.For the features,tone and power, this amp is a steal.

Jan 24th, 2018 by Timothy P.

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