Blues 15/30 6L6 Analog Amp 2 Channel Analog Reverb Boost & Drive




We Design Build Killer Amps  

If you read some amp builder descriptions  (rimes with rasas moogie) it read like you’re ordering a French wine in an over priced bistro. “The tonal flavors bring out a fresh bouquet of…. Well, my idea of a killer amp should sound like your walking into a roadhouse down south to the overdriven madness of what tubes are meant to do. And the tonal flavors should smell like good whiskey, stale beer and Rock. Now even the dirtiest bands need to play a few ballads so a great amp needs to clean up and impress the ladies or get so nasty it will get slapped just for sitting on stage.

If you want an amp to play Beach Boys covers or latest Nashville drivel, buy a Fender Twin (great amp). If you play the blues, rock, punk, outlaw, metal (with a pedal) or progressive Jazz you will want our Blues 15/30. Of course you can spend thousands for a French bottle of wine just like a guitar amp, or you can spend about $700 for a true boutique tube amp. You can also spend even less at GC and get a toy, but that’s up to your taste and how your value your sound.

I don’t get why an amp needs to be ugly, it should look cool and impress the ladies. So we gave it some class with a black on black tolex and grill cloth, installed all corner black metal protectors, black leather handle, bronze metal Bootlegger Logo on a stained birch panel. I ride a custom Harley, I want it to look good but mean, so I figured a great amp can look classy and still bite.

Chuck Wilson

Bootlegger Guitar

Now For The Sales Pitch 

We love vintage tube amps, power, saturation and tone. Our amps have a clean headroom to over driven crunch and nastiness. You can adapt a tube amp by changing (correct) tubes to find your sound. You will dig playing an amp that made electric blues and rock happen.

Our amps are on tour, in studios and homes worldwide. They follow the tradition of vintage class A amps but are built for today’s musician. Durable, tough, upgrade able, affordable and sound great every time.

Keeping the tradition of our 6L6 based Class A Tube Amps.

Our first two amps, Blues 15 and 30 watt amps were so well loved we decided to combine them into one amp, our new 15 and 30 watt 12At7 Tube Pre amp / 6L6 Tube driven power stage amp. We wanted a foot switchable 2 channel class A amp.

Channel 1 pure tube clean to dirty all natural tube crunch.

Channel 2 the same clean to dirt tube crunch, but it also has a switchable (before preamp) boost or drive analog (tube screamer) effect. With channel 2 boost and drive together switched on the amp can go from screeching rock lead to full hard metal sonic.

This is how it works..

1. Choose switched option of 15 or 30 watt.

2. Set the volume, treble, mid, bass, presence, analog reverb to taste for the room.

3. Choose channel 1 or 2 or choose both and switch between the channels with included foot switch.

4. Set the channel gains or analog effect to taste. Remember both channels have independent gain and effect options.

You are guaranteed 100% Tonal Satisfaction.

Tech Specs
  • Type                             Tube / Analog
  • Watt                             Switchable between 15 watt and 30 watt
  • Number of channels    2 each with separate gain
  • Effects                         On board analog boost and drive
  • EQ                                4 channel treble- mid – boost – presence
  • Speaker size               Celestion 12 inch Gt 100 Hot 4ohm
  • Output                        2 – 4 ohm *speaker out & effect out loop out
  • Input                           2 – 1/4 inch guitar in & effect loop in
  • Effects loop                Yes
  • Pre amp tubes            4 12At7 Ruby tubes
  • Power tubes               2 6L6 Ruby tubes
  • Reverb                         Belton-Accutronics Tank 3 spring 
  • Middi                           NO! NEVER…
  • Footswitch                  1/4 inch Jack in switches channels 1 & 2
  • Footswitch included   Yes one button
  • Power source              Standard IEC, detachable power cord 
  • Dimensions.                22” tall 23” wide 11” deep
  • Weight                         50 pounds


Cabinet hardwood ply with black tolex and black speaker grill cloth. Front panel with logo solid stained Burch. Rear metal vent and top of cabinet metal vent for tube cooling airflow. Speaker mount panel MDF. Tubes fit horizontally top of cabinet for maximum air flow. LED panel lights for clear operating use. Brass Bootlegger logo.


  • Custom Bootlegger Guitar amp cover
  • Foot-switch

We get peeved at amp’s when the gain control is a waste of space. We believe when you actually find a gain control and turn it something should change in the amps sound. Our gain control is set to drive the tubes. You can set the gain low and volume as you like for overhead clean tube purity, or dial the in gain from crunch to nasty lusty (well you get it).

Hand built in our partner factory Muse Inc. South Korea. We source the best parts while avoiding China made parts, as we can. Please read our reviews.

*deletes on board speaker



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