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Bootlegger Guitar Attenuator ~ Heat Soak

The Farty Pants

This is a heavy duty 100 Watt Passive Attenuator (heat soak) built & engineered by my team Muse Inc. in South Korea. That’s not the Chinese toy you’ll find for sale elsewhere.

A 100-watt tube amplifier attenuator that enables you to crank your tube amp crunch and lower the volume from your speaker. By placing it between your tube amp’s speaker output and your speaker input, you can turn your amp to its max, while bringing the volume down by using our Bootlegger Farty Pants Attenuator. (Up to and including 100 watt input).


One : XLR output male out to a mixing board for live performance or use a Di converter from the Attenuator to your Daw.  Two: One 1/4 TRS female out for speaker, Three: headset out 1/4 TRS. Three speaker options 4 – 8 or 16 ohm to match your speaker.

This is a one trick pony, what it does very well is exactly what it’s designed to do. It disperses the heat from your amp into the Attenuator this process lowers the volume output without altering the tone.

The unit will get warm do to the heat disbursement. This is why it’s important to use a heavier, bigger heat soak in the box.

Combo Tube Amp?

You can also use our attenuator on a combo amp. You will need to disconnect the speaker and run two 1/4 TRS female input jacks. On from the amp speaker wire’s output and one into the speaker wires input.

You can spend less and you can spend more however you will not find a better Heat Soak Attenuation unit for your rig.

And a bit of advice. Do not buy a smaller, lighter unit, it is also important that the unit, you are dealing with a lot of energy displacement. It is also very important the unit is well ventilated.

Specifications of Attenuator ~ Heat Soak


  • 2 1/2 pounds
  • 6 1/2” long
  • 6” Wide
  • 3 1/2” tall

Front Panel

  • Volume
  • Line level control head set out

Rear Panel

  • XLR output
  • TRS 1/4 out speaker
  • TRS 1/4 output headset

Of course our cool art from Garth Van Omen. Mr Fart Pants

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