Ace 4 String Red Burgundy Red With Custom Case


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About Gen 2 Ace 4 String Burgundy Red Bass

Ace 4 String Burgundy Red Bass With Custom Case

Since the 80’s creative luthiers like Steinberger have challenged the standard by producing high-quality guitars without heads. This unconventional, but savvy design places all of the hardware in one location.

Having everything in one place eliminates the need for ahead, which is a boon for your open notes and intonation in general. Without that extra wood and hardware at the end of the neck, the balance of the guitar shifts to the body, alleviating the strain on your strap shoulder. Lighter, full scale, compact and works great as a travel bass.

Why Headless?

Current headless bass builders such as Strandberg, Teuffel, Mayones, NS, Roehrs, Kiesel, Skervesen, and Carvin make high-end high-quality headless guitars. Now Bootlegger Guitar is introducing the new ACE four-string bass inspired by our Spade six-string guitar. Both these high-quality guitars are built by our factory Muse, South Korea, bringing value and extreme playability enjoyment.

The Ace bass is a full 34-inch scale 24 fret set neck guitar. At 8 pounds It is well suited for the traveling pro or the traveling enthusiast. We use only the highest quality woods, three-piece maple neck through body, ash body wings, and beautiful high polished Brazilian cherry Jatoba fretboard. All South Korean hardware uses standard single ball strings. Comes with a high-quality custom hard case ready for the road or overhead plane compartment. The Ace and Spade are designed by Bootlegger Guitar and in the tradition of Bootlegger Guitar. 98 Proof.

Gen 2 Ace 4 String Burgundy Red Specifications


  • All-new ergonomic balanced design suited for sitting or standing playing.
  • 42 mm 3 piece maple neck-through construction.
  • Ash body wings White Gloss Polyurethane
  • Neck Through Construction
  • Logo Bootlegger Whiskey Tattoo

Neck / Fingerboard

  • 3 piece maple neck/body through construction set neck
  • Profile Tapered
  • Fingerboard Brazilian Jatoba
  • Radius 350R / 13.7 inches tapered
  • Number of Frets 24 / Full
  • Fret Access Design
  • Scale 34 inch
  • Fret width 0.106″ x height 0.039″
  • Nut Material Graphite White / Width Thick 3.4mm / Length 42mm
  • Truss Rod (Dual)
  • Inlays White Pearl Bootlegger Whiskey Diamond
  • Side Inlay Dots Black 1.5mm
  • Finish Honey Natural Polyurethane


  • Finish Black
  • Bridge & Tuners Taesung HL S. Korea (patented)
  • Head Taesung HL
  • Control Knobs Volume & Tone
  • Knobs Black Aluminum
  • Switch Tip Black
  • Switch Washer Black
  • Jack Plate LP Type Black


  • Pickup middle BB651-4(CERAMIC8)-BOOHEUNG / 4.96KΩ
  • Pickup rear BB651-4(CERAMIC8)-BOOHEUNG S. / 4.96KΩ
  • Strings / Controls
  • Controls 3 Way
  • Strings & Set Up
  • Strings single ball 045″~0.105
  • Standard Single Ball Strings
  • String Setup 1mm
  • String Spacing
  • At monorail bridge 18.56 mm

Miscellaneous of Ace 4 String Burgundy Red

  • 34 inch scale
  • Guitar weight 7l8 pounds
  • Guitar Measurements 39 Inches Long, 11 Inches Wide, 1 1/2 Thick
  • Case With Guitar 15 pounds
  • Case Dimensions 43 Inches Long, 14 Inches Wide, 4 Inches Thick
  • Case Bootlegger Tattoo Hard Shell Case
  • Included Accessories Case Key & Related Truss Rod & Tuning Tools.

We do not use China hardware. All hardware quality of Ace 4 String Burgundy Red Bass and other gears is Korean manufactured.
Built by our partner Muse Inc, Seoul Korea.

A few notable headless Bass players

George “Chocolate” Perry Geddy Lee Sting Bill Wyman Roger Tiny Kohrs Peter Cetera Cliff Williams Earl Falconer Gerald Casale

Ross Valory

Excellent Pro Headless Travel Bass

Customer Review

Great sounding bass, solidly built, exceeded my expectations for a headless bass, and with the custom-built to fit hard case it sent this purchase over the top.

Thanks Reverb & Bootlegger Guitar


The perfect headless travel bass is not a travel bass.

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