Ace 4 String Black “Roger Tiny Kohrs” With Stiletto Hard Case



Ace 4 String Black “Roger Tiny Kohrs”

Ace 4 String Black “Roger Tiny Kohrs” Bass With Stiletto Hard Case Safety

From Tiny So here is the scoop. The Bootlegger Ace Bass “Tiny” signature model is a great Bass to have in your studio….not just on the stage. This Bass is hum-free and sounds great in the mix no matter what style of music you are recording. It holds its tune extremely well thanks to the unique monorail bridge and tuning system, and the compact size makes for comfortable playing in small or tight control rooms.

If your studio doesn’t have a resident Bass in its arsenal, I highly recommend the Bootlegger Ace. Roger “Tiny Kohrs”. Roger Kohrs has been a road warrior since the ’70’s playing with many bands up and down the East Coast. Most notably, he was the bass player for Unknown Hinson for 20 years up until 2018.

He acquired the nickname ” Tiny” from Mr. Unknown. Roger also released a solo record in 2009 titled “Fresh Lettuce” and 2 records with an instrumental trio he is a part of called Goldfish Andy, both CD’s available on CD Baby.

Recently in the past few years, he has been a guest bassist with the Gate City Divas out of Greensboro, NC. GCD’s is an ensemble of some of the best female blues performers/musicians in NC. He currently plays bass with The Heather Roush Band and Buffalo Smile out of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Roger has been a Bootlegger Artist since 2017 and helped with the prototype of the Ace basses. We are now proud to offer the Roger “Tiny” Kohrs signature Ace bass. This bass features upgraded Tesla electronics….and comes with the Tesla Corona 4SC pickups chosen by Roger. A Warwick chest bow is also offered to extend the strap more comfortably if the player so desires.

Ace 4 String Black “Roger Tiny Kohrs” Bass Specifications

34 Inch Scale


  • All-new ergonomic balanced design suited for sitting or standing playing. 42 mm 3 piece maple neck-through construction. Ash body wings.Finish Gloss Black Neck Through Construction Logo Bootlegger Whiskey Tattoo with Roger Tiny Kohrs name beneath it.


  • 3 piece maple neck/body through set neck. Neck Profile Oval Fingerboard Material Brazilian Cherry Jatoba Radius 13.5 inches Number of Frets 24 / Full Fret Access Design Scale 34 inch Fret width 0.106″ x height 0.039″ Nut Material Graphite White / Width Thick 3.4mm / Length 42mm Truss Rod (Dual) Inlays White Pearl Bootlegger Whiskey Diamond Side Inlay Dots Black 1.5mm Finish Gloss Black


  • Finish Black Bridge & Tuners Taesung HL S. Korea (patented) Head Taesung HL Control Knobs Volume & Tone Knobs Black Aluminum Switch Tip Black Switch Washer Black Jack Plate LP Type Black


  • Pickup front Tesla Corona 4SC Pickup rear Tesla Corona 4SC

Strings / Controls

  • Controls 3 Way Strings & Set Up Strings single ball 040 thru 100 Standard Single Ball Strings String Setup 2mm

    String Spacing
  • At monorail bridge 18.56 mm


  • Guitar weight 8 pounds Guitar Measurements 39 Inches Long, 11 Inches Wide, 1 1/2 Thick Case With Guitar 15 pounds Case Dimensions 43 Inches Long, 14 Inches Wide, 4 Inches Thick Case Bootlegger Tattoo Hard Shell Case with Roger Tiny Kohrs name. Included Accessories Case Key & Related Truss Rod & Tuning Tools. All hardware quality Korean manufactured. Built by our partner Muse Inc, Seoul Korea.

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