Absinthe See Through Blue Gloss With Case


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Absinthe Blue Gloss

A Taste of the Exotic

The Spade was our first headless design and has continued as a “flagship” with players around the world using it across many genres of music.


I wanted to use the design of the Spade and modify it into a modern, full body guitar.  I worked on a few initial ideas only to end up frustrated, as the designs were not up to our standards.   My business partner Ken suggested we hire a friend of his (a renowned Japanese designer) to help dial in the designs we had started.  With his guidance, the Absinthe design was finalized and approved!

We wanted to use a U.S. company for the pickups on this model and EMG quickly jumped to the opportunity.  We gave EMG the freedom to choose the pickup design with a coil split option.   While working with the Absinthe architecture, we developed our new neck with the curved block contour at the string lock.  This improvement is now the new neck for both the Spade and Absinthe models.  The design gives the player the feel of having a full headstock while in first position and the extra thickness creates more stability, mass, and tone.


The Absinthe is a well-balanced guitar with easy access to all the high frets.  True to its name, derived from a wicked psychedelic liquor, it’s a modern, high-end consciousness-expanding guitar.


Our Bootlegger neck is best compared to a PRS JM shape, Fender modern C shape or a Gibson Slim Taper D shape for feel and playability. It is by far the most easy and recognizable shape for guitar players across the board. It delivers that classic feel with a modern twist to keep it relevant and functional for guitar players playing any genre of music.

Beautiful high polished Brazilian Jatoba fingerboard. jatoba is about double rosewood’s janka hardness number, about four times that of maple. Jatoba produces a full sound–rich in low and mids, with clarity in the top end. Our Matte Spade features a Maple fingerboard.

Order yours today and experience the flexibility, tone and true player enjoyment with the Absinthe!



24 fret

5 piece Canadian hard maple through neck construction

Mahogany stingers

Dual way 2 piece truss rod

C shape

Side Inlay dots Black 1.5mm

Width 42mm at zero fret (nut)

Thick 21mm at zero fret, 23mm at 12th fret

Nut Material Graphite White / Width Thick 3.4mm / Length 42mm


25.5 scale (Fender)

Fingerboard Radius 13”

Radios 350R

Black Ebony (exclusive Bootlegger)

Position markers fanned white pearl dots

Side position marker 1.5mm black

Number of Frets 24 / full fret easy access design

Frets DHP – 24H / 2.7 mm silver nickel


Material 3 piece 37mm Mahogany

Top 5mm hard Maple

Black aluminum knobs

Upgraded metal plate input jack

Neck-through construction

Graphite nut

Head Taesung HL string lock


EMG USA passive pickups HSH

Neck EMG H4A Alnico

Middle EMG S4 Ceramic

Bridge pickup EMG H4 Ceramic

Coil Split push pull tone pot

Volume control

Tone control

5 way pickup selector slide switch


Green matte see through

Matte natural see through

Honey gloss see through

Burgundy matte see through

Blue Gloss see through


32 x 13.5 inches

6.6 pounds

Case and guitar 13 pounds

Absinthe case 35 x 16 x 5

Bootlegger Absinthe tattoo logo on body

Case Bootlegger Logo Tattoo Hard Shell Case

Strings. 009, .011, .016, .026, .036, .046

Uses Standard Single Ball Strings

Includes case key and related truss rod tools & tuning tools

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