Key Facts on Bass Guitar And Simple Tips to Play It

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Bass players got a new instrument called bass guitar to practice their skills. A few music lovers even refer to it as electric bass guitar. The guitar expanded the possibilities of rock, jazz, pop, hip hop, country, and R&B. Later, a travel bass has also become a favorite instrument for classical music lovers as well. 


A bass guitar is a type of plucked string instrument and its structure resembles an electric guitar. However, the bass produces a relatively low frequency. 

Mechanism of a bass guitar 

A travel bass or simple bass guitar produces sound whenever its metallic strings vibrate on different magnetic pickups. However, in some cases, guitar players may use non-magnetic pickups as well. 

Later, pickups transmit signals by using an instrument player into the amplifier connected to it. Hence, one can play the bass at a diverse range of volumes. Besides, diverse volume ranges let instrument lovers use the bass as a travel guitar. 

Number of strings in a bass guitar 

If we talk about guitar strings, basses mainly have four strings. However, some players prefer bass models equipped with 5 strings, 6 strings, 7 strings, and 8 strings. Any bass guitar with 4 strings has the following specific tunings-

  • The first string is the highest string, which has to tune to G2 and it refers to the G string. 
  • The second string has tuned to D2 and players call it the D string.
  • The third-string has tuned to A1 and it is the string A. 
  • The fourth string is the lowest one and it has to tune to E1 and it is the string E.

However, if you choose a 5-string bass for sale, it has the lowest tuning at B0. In contrast, a bass with a 6th string has high-pitch tuning and the tune is at C3.

Easy Ways to Play the Bass

If you are an experienced guitar player, you may learn to play an electric bass easily. Both bass and simple guitar remain present in the rhythm section of a music band. Only the difference is that bass focuses on root notes and a bass player has to synchronize his rhythm with the drummer of a music band. In contrast, a guitar player focuses on retaining chordal harmony in a band. 

Tips to Be Creative in Playing Bass Guitar

Hence, whether you play a headless bass or simple bass, you must consider the following things to be creative. 

  • A walking bass line anchored across root notes in a progression of chords so that players may independently connect the roots. 
  • Both electric bass and electric guitar have the same notes on their four strings. However, the bass voices on an octave low and it possesses a long length of the scale. 
  • Bass players have the freedom to play their instruments with picks or a combination of middle and index fingers. 

Help from a teacher makes bass playing easy 

One of the best ways to learn an electric bass guitar is to play under the supervision of a teacher. Many teachers offer lessons on both bass and simple guitar. An interesting aspect is that you not only learn techniques but also get instructions on composition and music theory.

Tips to play bass guitar in a music band

When you play an electric bass as a part of a music band, you have to bridge between different chordal instruments, like drummers, keyboards, and guitars. Every bass player has to stay abide by the necessary rules, which include the following-

Synchronization is compulsory

You should synchronize with the band’s drummer. In particular, you have to follow the beats of a bass drum or kick drum. Bassists and drummers must align in a rhythm to produce excellent band sounds.  

Rhythmic and harmonic stability

You should focus on both rhythm and roots. As a bassist, you must provide rhythmic and harmonic stability. Your prime responsibility must be to give enough support to the instrument player or singer, who takes a solo performance. 

Always play a tuned instrument 

Bass players play roots and for this reason, they must have tuned instruments. 


A bass guitar is a wonderful instrument to play with a music band or on a particular trip. Only, bass players have to know the best ways to play their instruments with creativity. Besides, bassists must develop skills to synchronize their instruments with singers, drummers, guitarists, and other members of a music band.

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