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It’s About The Players

We build pro guitars, amps and pedals for our players. From church rock bands to roadhouse blues & country bands. Jazz and funk players in Russia and garage bands in Kansas, It’s about our players and the music. It’s all about the Bootlegger family of musicians that rock the world.

Those Whose
Passion Is Playing


Greg Kinder – Single Barrel Guitar

Great guitar!! UPS managed to bust off the selector switch, even though it was packed Extremely well. Sent a message to Chuck and he called almost immediately with multiple solutions to get this corrected. Since I’m good with a soldering iron, opted for him just to mail me a new switch. 2 minute fix.

Jim Gustin – Rye & DeVille Guitar

Bootlegger Guitars are quality, professional level instruments at a entry level/intermediate price. They are well made and play and sound great!I play a Rye and a Deville and I love them!!

Joe – Zapped “Up Yours” Distortion Effect Pedal

First let me say I LOVE the Zapped"Up Yours" pedal. It sounds amazing. I think the gold knobs would be fine. Second, thanks for getting it out so fast. This guitar has some serious tone and what a deal. Look forward to exploring the tone I can get. Thanks for helping me make music.

David Clark

Beautiful looks and beautiful tone & feel.

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