Guitar Maintenance Tips To Lengthen the Life of Your Guitar

Guitar Maintenance Tips To Lengthen the Life of Your Guitar

Whenever you have to change the strings on your guitar, it is a good idea to give your favorite instrument a thorough cleaning. This cleaning will be from headstock to the body & under its neck to the guitar stand.

You can also check for loose parts such as the tuners on the headstock, guitar hanger, and electric guitar stand. A basic acoustic guitar stand and its maintenance are a must to keep your instrument in top playing condition.

Guitar Care and Maintenance Tips

There are plenty of products available in the market which are intended for cleaning guitars. There are numerous products to aid you to maintain your strings. You can buy solutions intended particularly for cleaning fretboards. You can surely try any of these.

Though, you can use the simple method to keep your guitar clean which can save your money. If at least once each week (or more if you play often) you dust your guitar. You can prevent dust build-up which can affect your playing.

The easy way to clean a guitar

If you want to get a bit fancy with your cleaning, you can skip fancy cleaners & buy a solvent that is intended to be used on guitars. While cleaning your guitar, a good polish can help preserve the wood of your guitar & give it an excellent shine.

There is one tip to remember about polishing your guitar. Make sure you only use a polish that is designed for guitars. Other types of polish can ruin the smooth finish of guitars. You can use a guitar hanging system to place your guitar safely.

Everything about the guitar strings

If you are planning to learn guitar, start with the acoustic guitar. Always when you first try to learn guitar make sure there is someone experienced to put on the strings on the guitar.  Once you learn the technique you will be able to handle this on your own.

When planning to buy a used guitar, make sure the guitar is not damaged. And the next thing would be replacing the guitar strings.

How to remove the guitar strings

When removing the strings of the guitar ensure you remove all the bridge pins at the same time before removing strings. Start with a low E string or the largest string; reach to the back of the saddle & take out pins one at a time.

How to install guitar strings

When using the guitar for a long time, oil from your hands can weaken the strings or may affect the tone of the string so It is recommended to replace the strings once every two months.

There are several methods available to install new guitar strings, the most commonly used one is done by putting the string in the saddle and tightening it after putting it into the tuner. Carefully align the string accordingly.

Keeping your guitar in a case

This one might seem pretty obvious, but it can often be the most discounted thing when caring for your guitar. We all know that it is vital to keep your guitar out as it can simply be picked up & saves you the extra hassle of having to get your case & take your guitar out.

However, keeping the guitar in its case while it is not being played can help protect your guitar from several things such as being dropped, changes in weather & having things hit your guitar.

Just think you would be pretty upset if you or someone you know unintentionally bumped to your guitar stand & knocked it over causing your guitar to hit the floor.

In addition to this, humidity is the killer to the guitar as it causes damage to the wood & can lead to warping of wood which can permanently damage your guitar’s neck & the guitar’s body.

Guitar stand or hanger for your guitar safety

Don’t open yourself to the chance that you or someone else could absent-mindedly step on your guitar by simply setting it down on the floor or leaning it against a table.

A guitar stand and hanger will keep it stored safely and can even tastefully display your prized six-stringed possession. A stand is also beneficial to have on stage, as it permits you to easily access other instruments.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) About the Guitar Maintenance

Q: Does your guitar need regular maintenance?

Guitar maintenance often includes the need to be set up to maintain play ability. Regular climates changing weather will need adjustments.

Q: How often should you get your guitar serviced?

A guitar should be set up twice a year. All guitars can be subjected to small changes over time, & if overlooked, all such changes only become worse & worse, negatively impacting your playing & enjoyment.


Protect your guitar from sharp objects, especially personal objects like rings, watches, & belt buckles. When you are travelling with your instrument, always use a carry case. Stow the instrument in a carrying case or in a stand when not in use.

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