Guitar Bar Hanger

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Guitar Bar Hanger No Slip Padded Hard Metal 12” Closet Bar Hanger – 6 & 7 string electric & acoustic guitars and 4 & 5 string bass guitars.  Display or storage In a closet, overhead pipe, your rack or our our custom aluminum rack.

Hard non bendable metal rod covered with soft no slip padding. 

Guitar Display For Home, Studio, Store, Warehouse, Stage, Dorm, Hotel.. This is our 12 inch padded Guitar Bar Hanger designed for maximum security and safety as used by Count Brother Guitar, (Muscle Shoals Alabama) . A unique guitar closet bar hanger design. Securely locks your guitar to hang vertically from any closet rod, our display stand, our your custom wall or ceiling rack. 

Works with 6 & 7 string electric acoustic Guitars and 4 & 5 string bass guitars, mandolin, ukulele, banjo, guitar hero etc.. 

Accessories 1) Black cotton electric guitar sleeve cover keeps your guitar clean while hanging. 2) Custom aluminum guitar rack. (Pictured) Satin black painted rack designed for use with the Guitar Bar Hanger. High quality, safe display for home and stage.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.  Quantity discounts available.

Bootlegger Guitar boutique builder electric guitars and tube amps, Los Angeles. 

These hangers are amazing!!! Especially if you have to fit several guitars into a small closet like me. I absolutely recommend these for guitar, bass, acoustic, and even ukulele!!! Excellent customer service as well. Will be buying more!- Brittany McLaughlin