How to Use an Online Guitar Tuner?

Electric guitars can be tuned by ear or using a microphone. The method we advise is tuning with a microphone because it is simpler and quicker. On the other hand, learning to tune an instrument by ear will develop your musical ear over time and can be a useful ability to have for times when you are not connected to the internet.

How To Tune Your Electric Guitar Automatically?

Follow below mentioned easy to go steps and tune your guitar

  1. Toggle the Auto switch. Please make sure the website has permission to use your microphone.
  2. Get your instrument close to the microphone so the tuner can hear the string you’re playing.
  3. The electric guitar tuner will attempt to recognize the string you are tuning automatically if detect string is enabled. As an alternative, press the string you want to tune.
  4. It has never been so simple to tune a guitar. Enjoy playing your tuned instrument!

You can also tune your electric guitar by ear, by pressing the string you want to adjust. You can re-play the string so that you can focus and tune up your guitar strings properly.

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