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The Gen 3 & 4 Hounder

Our initial Hounder bears the name Hound Dog Taylor, a blues musician and rocker known for is electric playing.

The Gen 3 Hounder is our offset design. The HHS pickup set offers the classic single-coil neck twang, a center single with higher gain like a Strat, and a Humbucker at the bridge for a darker rock tone. Full two octave access.

The GEN 4 remains a modern offset design that has a string through body and full two-octave access. With our roller bridge, it is designed for optimal resonance and sustain. The matched HH Bootlegger Humbuckers 98’s match together to produce a high gain, tight bottom, classic tone.

All the music styles you want to play can be easily handled by both Hounder 3 and 4.

What Players Are Saying About Our Hounder

Hounder Gen 4 Later 2023

hounder 4
Tommy Stillwell Jim Gustin Bootlegger Guitar

Jim Gustin & Tommy Stillwell Nashville / Kentucky

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