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Are Bootlegger Guitars just Gibson or Fender knockoffs? No; In my opinion They’re Better. Better from the top down; Ownership, Dependability, Reliability, Playability, and Rockability. Added to kick ass guitars, each comes in its own custom hard case, with a flask thrown in for good measure. These guitars are under priced at 75% less than Fender, and 80% less than Gibson, while playing equally well or better than their legacy counterparts. I’m proud to endorse Bootlegger Guitar.

Cool Star Rating
Chuck Partington Jr.

Bootlegger Guitars are quality, professional level instruments at a entry level/intermediate price. They are well made and play and sound great! I play a Rye and a Deville and I love them!!

Cool Star Rating
Jim Gustin

Beautiful Guitar! Stunning appearance! Plays very nicely! Amazing value!

Cool Star Rating
Ricky Vee

I am so happy with this guitar! I scoped it out for a good six months before finally making the purchase. Every part of the transaction was smooth – I even received direct emails from real people. I know; what a concept! There is not enough space here to go into specifics about the guitar, but I will say that, for the money, I’ve never found a better instrument. I’m already using it for recording and have gotten nothing but compliments on the looks. Thanks for the great instrument and service! by Keith Varney

Cool Star Rating
Keith Varney

One of the BEST guitars I’ve played. I own the DeVille and two Spade Headless and will getting another one very soon.

Cool Star Rating
Marvin Sheats
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