Bootlegger Guitar

Bootlegger Guitar started back in 2014 from our recording studio in Hermosa Beach, California. Today we have players all over the world, as far away as Russia and Australia. We are a boutique builder dedicated to quality and customer service. Due to our experience in the design (racing) of racing cars, we use the same principles of endurance and performance in all our instrument models.

Our Vision

To be fresh and relevant for all music guitar styles. To continue to offer pro level instruments at an unmatched value. To grow the name Bootlegger Guitar through the satisfaction of our players.

Our Culture

We keep re-defining who we are. From our first vintage styles to our new progressive designs we continue to evolve. While tone is always our priority, we also believe that comfort and weight are equally important in a high quality instrument.

Royal ~ Spade Ace & Headless ~ Absinthe

The Royal was introduced at NAMM 2020. The Absinthe will become available in 2021. Our Spade and Ace headless will have new options available also in 2021. We are introducing our new line of Tube Amps. Blues 5 Watt, Blues 15 Watt, Blues 15/30 Watt. We have just released our new analog effect pedals.
bootlegger guitar
Blues 15-30 6L6 Analog Tube Amplifier
Bootlegger Guitar Zapped “Up Yours” Analog Tube Distortion With EQ Front View
Shifty’s 8 Ball Boost High Volt Drive Analog 12AT7 Electro-Harmonix Tube Pedal With Power Supply

China companies have started copying our guitars, even putting the name “Bootlegger” on the fake toys. The only true branded Bootlegger Guitar are shipped by us from Hermosa Beach, California.



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