Artists Family of Bootlegger Guitar

Roger Kohrs ~ Ohio

The Heather Roush Band, formerly touring with The Unknown Hinson band.

Rogers Artist Signature Ace Bass. (OBG Original Bootlegger Giant)

Rogers Thunder Bass Strings

Tommy Stillwell ~ Nashwell

The Shaun Murphy Band, The Beat Daddys, Stillwell/France Blues Band, Bobby Clark Band

Nashville session artist

Single Barrel & Blues 30 Amp

Mike Pinera ~ Los Angeles

Iron Butterfly, Cactus, Alice Cooper, Blues Image

Bootlegger DeVille

Jim Gustin ~ Nashville

Jim Gustin Band

DeVille & Rye Guitars

Kenne Cramer ~ Nashville

Big Shoes Band, Shaun Murphy Band

Session studio artist Nashville

Bootlegger DeVille & Blues 30 amp

Camilo Quijano ~ Colombia


Sicomorfosis* music

Latin Metal Prog 

Les Haley ~Florida

Landsharks Band & Savage Brothers Band. 

Bootlegger Ace Bass

Chris Baurer ~ Los Angeles

The Band Lexington

Bootlegger Single Barrel, Rye & Bootlegger Amp

Andrew trekker

Andrew Terlicker ~ Washington

The Vicious Kitty Band

Bootlegger Ace

Mark Fitchett ~ Los Angeles

Current project Chopped Liver Jazz Band and Cult Of The Wrong Note.

Various Bootlegger player

Marvin Sheats ~ Motown

Innerspirit Project (OB Origional Bootlegger)

Bootlegger Spade & DeVille

Rick Hollander ~ Los Angeles

Los Angeles session bass player. His current project is with the Jim Robert’s and the Resonats band

Bootlegger Ace 

Scott “Guitarmacist” Engel ~ Jersey

The Smokin Jackets 

Bootlegger Royal

Steve Elliott

Mathew Jansky ~ Los Angeles

Mathew is our man of mystery currently on tour with his prized Spade

Bootlegger Family Gallery