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Tommy Stillwell

Tommy Stillwell ~ Nashwell

The Shaun Murphy Band, The Beat Daddys, Stillwell/France Blues Band, Bobby Clark Band

Nashville session artist

Single Barrel & Blues 30 Amp

Roger Kohrs ~ Ohio

Roger Kohrs ~ Ohio

The Heather Roush Band, formerly touring with The Unknown Hinson band.

Rogers Artist Signature Ace Bass. (OBG Original Bootlegger Giant)

Rogers Thunder Bass Strings

Albert Trepagnier Jr

Albert Trepagnier Jr

Albert is the first and most likely the only drummer to be a Bootlegger Artist. A few musicians that he has played with in studio or gig: Eric Clapton, BB King, John Mayall, SRV and my blues band Bootlegger Blues Band.

We were at Harvels Blues Club Santa Monica at a gig. Ray Bailey and I jokingly said you should be a Bootlegger Artist. He smiled yes, so he is in.

He is also the 167 recipient of the Living Legend Blues Award.


He is originally from New Orleans and grew up play the cool N.O. Jazz. He moved to Los Angeles looking for new opportunities. I asked him why he left N.O he said they payed weekly, it took me a moment to get the joke.

Ray Bailey

Ray Bailey

Ray has traveled the world playing Jazz R&B and Blues. He is one of the most respected blues guitar player in Los Angeles. He works with many Los Angeles artists including our friend Albert Trepanier.

Ray also is involved with the Barbara Morrison theater helping young musicians and the community. Ray now plays only Bootlegger Guitars and his Blues 30 Amp. And I have the great joy of playing blues with him in my band.



Band Argot – Norway – Ace Bass

Chris Lane - An Artist of Guitar KC & The Sunshine Band

Chris Lane
Guitar KC & The Sunshine Band

Noe Socha - A guitarist

Noe Socha
Simple Blues Boy

Steven Lashley

Stephen Lashley
KC and The Sunshine Band

Bobby Clark of Bobby Clark Band

Bobby Clark

Bobby Clark of Bobby Clark Band and John Mellencamp
From Indiana

Mike Pinera ~ Los Angeles

Mike Pinera ~ Los Angeles

Iron Butterfly, Cactus, Alice Cooper, Blues Image
Bootlegger DeVille

Lester Lands - Bootlegger Guitar Artist

Lester Lands

Jim Gustin ~ Nashville

Jim Gustin ~ Nashville

Jim Gustin Band
DeVille & Rye Guitars

Crocked Eye Tommy
Crocked Eye Tommy
Matt Bragg

Matt Bragg

Kenne Cramer ~ Nashville

Big Shoes Band, Shaun Murphy Band

Session studio artist Nashville

Bootlegger DeVille & Blues 30 amp

Camilo Quijano - Colombia

Camilo Quijano ~ Colombia NUKLEUS

Sicomorfosis* music
Latin Metal Prog

Les Haley - Florida

Les Haley ~Florida

Landsharks Band & Savage Brothers Band.
Bootlegger Ace Bass

Chris Baurer ~ Los Angeles

Chris Baurer ~ Los Angeles

The Band Lexington
Bootlegger Single Barrel, Rye & Bootlegger Amp

Andrew Terlicker ~ Washington

Andrew Terlicker ~ Washington

The Vicious Kitty Band
Bootlegger Ace

Mark Fitchett ~ Los Angeles

Mark Fitchett ~ Los Angeles

Current project Chopped Liver Jazz Band and Cult of The Wrong Note.

Various Bootlegger player

Marvin Sheats ~ Motown

Marvin Sheats ~ Motown

Innerspirit Project (OB Origional Bootlegger)
Bootlegger Spade & DeVille

Rick Hollander ~ Los Angeles

Rick Hollander ~ Los Angeles

Los Angeles session bass player. His current project is with the Jim Robert’s and the Resonats band

Bootlegger Ace

Scott “Guitarmacist” Engel ~ Jersey

Scott “Guitarmacist” Engel ~ Jersey

The Smokin Jackets
Bootlegger Royal

Mathew Jansky ~ Los Angeles

Mathew Jansky ~ Los Angele

Mathew is our man of mystery currently on tour with his prized Spade

Steve Elliott

Steve Elliott

Ralphe Conde of Tabou Combo With Absinthe Guitar

Ralphe Conde of Tabou Combo

Tabou Combo is a Haitian compas band that was founded in 1968 in Pétion-Ville, a suburb of Port-au-Prince.[1] The orchestra has performed throughout the world.

Brett N. O’Daniel

Brett N. O’Daniel


Solo Artist, Formally With The Bobby Clark Band and The Acousticratts. 

Captain Fred Bassett Nashville studio artist

Captain Fred Bassett

Nashville Studio Artist
The Beat Daddys Band

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