Bootlegger Guitar – Amp, Pedals and Tubes. We offer our collection of ANALOG TUBE GREATNESS. Our Rules: Tube driven. The Gain Control actually works, unlike most amps today It drives the tubes to nasty-ness, or back off and find your crunch. Dependable Gig, Stage, Studio, Roadhouse, the more whiskey stains the better it will get, Not an “Fn” Computer. You turn knobs and the sound changes, not a digital signal, High quality builds.

Bootlegger Analog Love

Bootlegger Blues 30W Head
Chris Baurer; The Band Lexington Los Angeles, CA

The sound is every bit as great as the combo amps! These amps have obsoleted my use of other “major” brand amplifiers. My experience is that each of the popular brands sound a specific kind of way – and they are locked into that character. My Bootleggers have the ability to cover a wide range of styles and deliver exactly what I am looking for regardless of the musical genre needed for the session or performance. It combines the characters of my old amps without being “typecast” in those roles. Plus, why pay more for advertising, branding, dealer markups when you can get professional-grade gear direct from the manufacturer? Bootlegger for life!
I bought the Tube distortion pedal first and it made me get rid of every distortion pedal on my board yeah it’s that good almost toooooo good. Very powerful so you need to dial it in. I just got the overdrive pedal yesterday and not surprised it is just as good. I use these through my 2 1978 Marshall 50 watt heads and it takes them to a new level.

The overdrive is so nice and warm and the distortion can just melt your face if that is what you want. These pedals have so much flexibility the controls actually work! Guitars look good also but I have 27 guitars and my wife will leave me if I buy another….GREAT tube pedals buy them well worth the money!!! You can get any sound you want, even using them at low distortion level creates this sustain and smoothness…..rock n roll!!

Alexander Nova – My new favorite distortion pedal!

After having it for a while now, I’ve put the pedal through it’s paces and here is what I’ve come up with. For the best sound and easiest use, I prefer using a clean amp or the clean channel of an amp. The more distorting your amp already does to your sound, the less you are going to experience the effect of this pedal as a way to replicate a distorted classic tube amp sound. If you are already happy with your amp’s distortion you can still use this pedal to give your guitar an extra push, or that little extra something for a solo.

The case feels really solid and looks amazing with the art work and the glowing tube. And customer service is excellent! They were able to answer all my questions quickly and very effectively.

Kimberly C – Wow, this is the sound I was looking for!

Great effects pedal. Cool looking tube glowing inside. Reminds me of the good old days. Rock on! 60 years playing guitar. Keep making them like this one. Thanks

BOOTLEGGER BLUES 30 HEAD TOMMY STILLWELL: Touring guitarist with Shaun Murphy Band - Nashville, TN

Studio session player / songwriter / producer

Let me start out by stating that I have been a fan of the Bootlegger Blues 30 guitar amp for over three years now.

Ever since I got my Blues 30 single 12 combo and took it out on tour it has been a workhorse in tone and stability over the rigors of travel. It is also a very aesthetically pleasing amp to look at with its unique brown tole and white piping. It has served me well at shows before crowds ranging from 500 to 20,000 people. Always got queries from other performers on the bill who had been out front and commented on how great the amp sounded.

With the bigger shows and larger crowds, I would sometime consider what it would be like to have a Blues 30 head pushing a two twelve cabinet for a little extra punch onstage. Though the front of house mix always came through for the audience, a bit more coverage onstage would help increase my tonal capabilities.

Chuck Wilson at Bootlegger was way ahead of me. He was already in the planning stages for a Blues 30 Head you could match with any 8-ohm cabinet load. Since he was in that mode, I suggested while he was at it, why not make the FAT switch on the control panel foot switchable as well? enabling a player to get that added boost and touch of “girth” in tone by simply hitting a tootswitch. I was pleased he heard me and included it on the new head models

An added bonus, I can now take my Blues 30 head and cab. combination into the studio, run a speaker line to the cabinet isolation booth and still have the amp controls next to me in the studio for adjustments “on the fly”.


  • Ability to run different cab. combinations for different rooms
  • Foot switchable FAT switch (switch included)
  • Ability to isolate cab in the studio while maintaining controls at your side

That’s a win, win, win for me!

In closing I like doing business with professionals who listen, understand and try to help accomplish the desires of an artist to achieve a positive end result.

Chuck Wilson at Bootlegger does just that. He is artist minded and I always come away from a conversation with him energized and with the feeling that it was time well spent.

Tommy Stillwell

Proud Bootlegger Player

Tommy Stillwell Jim Gustin Bootlegger Guitar

Jim Gustin & Tommy Stillwell

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