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We named for our Gen 1 Hounder after Hound Dog Taylor the 6 fingered bluesman. Hound Dog was an early rocker so we decided this guitar needed to better exemplify that spirit.

We added a third pickup with the SSH setup. This gives you the classic neck single-coil twang, center, and neck higher gain like a Strat and Humbucker on the bridge for the darker rock tone.

Reminiscent of the reverse style (offset) vintage guitars and our design has a smaller body for comfort and playability, but still shares the aggressive look of those classic guitars. With our classic 3×3 head the guitar is uniquely Bootlegger,  its, own, one-of-a-kind rocker.

The Hounder features our hot Bootlegger 98 bridge pickups, two matched high-end single-coil, and a 5-way Strat-style switch. You can blend the pickups and find your perfect tone. Pickups are finished with black covers for an aggressive stage-ready look.

The hardware is metal chromed as well as the volume and tone speed knobs. White binding and pickguard complete our boutique custom look.

The see-through sunburst gloss finish shows off the natural wood grain. The burst goes from Black to Cherry Red to clear honey wood grain.

The neck features whiskey diamond abalone inlay and the head features our whiskey-style Bootlegger logo. The body, neck, and head also have a white binding.

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Tommy Stillwell Jim Gustin Bootlegger Guitar

Jim Gustin & Tommy Stillwell Nashville / Kentucky

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