Bootlegger Spade & Absinthe

Bootlegger Custom Pickups


We work with top pickup builders to achieve the best tonal match for all our stringed instruments. Bootlegger pickups are matched for each position and balanced for volume and tone selection. Our favorite player comments are, “I thought I would need to change out your pickups, until I heard them”. 

Absinthe EMG matched set

5 Piece Roasted Maple Neck

Roasted Maple is heat treated at over 300° F to remove sugars, moisture, and impurities. This maple is lighter, more stable, and has a beautiful natural color. Combined with our Roasted Swamp Ash body wings, the result is a neck that requires less adjustment, with a beautiful natural vintage look.

Swamp Ash Body Wings

Our Ash is a medium-light weight wood, often found in expensive boutique instruments, We love it for its striking grain, tonal qualities and its low density or weight.

Neck Through Construction

The combination of our 5 piece Maple neck and Swamp Ash body wings provide a solid built instrument. Great tone, sustain and looks. It can take a beating or give one.

Dual Action Truss Rod

Our dual action rod adjusts in both directions, allowing back bow or forward bow. This assures correct adjustment range is possible regardless of string tension, extreme climate conditions, or the effects of long term aging.

Bootlegger Monorail Tuners

Our monorail bridge, tuners have a housing made of aircraft grade aluminum that makes them extra-light. The Bootlegger monorail bridge system reduces the sympathetic vibration that can cause unwanted ringing from other strings. Our headless instruments have a more defined and enhanced tone with the Bootlegger Monorail System.

Custom Dome Speed Knobs

Our aluminum speed knobs feature a lower profile which is less likely to be accidentally hit by the player’s hand.

Graphite Nut & Pro Hardwear

We use Graphite Synthetic Nuts. Graphite produces more harmonics in the mid and upper range of the guitars, providing the harmonically rich tone, without the inconsistency found in ivory, bone or other natural materials.

Jack Plate

Our proprietary jack plate features four mounting screws, instead of two. The extra screws prevent the plate from tearing out of the body.


Beautiful high polished Brazilian cherry Jatoba fingerboard. jatoba (aka Brazilian cherry) is about double rosewood’s janka hardness number, about four times that of maple. Jatoba produces a full sound–rich in low and mids, with clarity in the top end. Our Matte Spade features a Maple fingerboard.

Spade HH Fixed Bridge 24.75 Scale (Gibson)

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