Ace 4 & 5 String Headless Bass Guitar

Roger “Tiny” Kohrs Ace Bass Artist Signature 4 String

Bootlegger Guitar Ace 4 & 5 String Bass Includes Custom Case

Since the 80’s creative builders like Steinberger have challenged the standard by producing high quality guitars without heads. This unconventional, but savvy design places all of the hardware in one location. 

Having everything in one place eliminates the need for a head, which is a boon for your open notes and intonation in general. Without that extra wood and hardware at the end of the neck, balance of the guitar shifts to the body, alleviating the strain on your strap shoulder. Lighter, full scale, compact and works great as a travel bass.

Our Spade is such a success bass playing friends demanded a bass version. Here it is the headless Ace 4 and 5 string guitars.  Yes bass players like “Tiny” get what they demand.

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