Absinthe 2021

The Original Spirit Of New Orleans

Bootlegger guitar absinthe

EMG USA Passive Pickups With Coil Split


Body Swamp Ash

25.5 scale

7.4 pounds

5 piece Maple Neck

32 inches long

13.5 inches wide

Body 1 5/8 inches thick

5 way switch

Tone and volume control

Coil Split  

Pre-wired set of 3 HSH EMG USA pickups.

H4A Bridge Bridge Position11

S3 Middle Position

H4 Neck Position

Tremolo floating Alchemy

Belly cut back

Arm cut top

Bootlegger Spade neck through construction 

Ebony Black Fret board


All see through finish 

Gloss Red Burgundy, Purple, Honey

Matte Moss Green, Blue, Natural (as pictured)

Pre order $899 with case. Contact Chuck cw@bootleggerguitar.com 

Estimated date Jan 2022

First build will be a short run, reserve now. Perfectly balanced headless guitar.

EMG Absinthe
Bootlegger guitar absinthe EMG USA
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Designer Chuck Wilson
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This the next, headless design by Chuck Wilson Bootlegger Guitar. The “Absinthe” (see definition below) In keeping with the Bootlegger tradition, we are designing a full body headless guitar with the same South Korea hardware, high quality, found on the Spade and Ace guitars. We will be building both a 6 and 7 string guitar, and a 5 string bass. 

Colors will be Blue see through maple flame (same as Royal) Red see through flame and Green see through flame. The new guitar will feature a tremolo system. 

The Absinthe guitar does not replace the Spade or Ace it brings a new option for headless players. 

Contact me at cw@bootleggerguitar.com. Please include your phone number.

Thank you Chuck Wilson. Bootlegger Guitar

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  1. Stephen says:


    Your guitar line is indeed expanding. Do you have any plans to design and offer a left-handed guitar?


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