The Original Spirit Of New Orleans

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Absinthe By Bootlegger Guitar 2021

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This the next, headless design by Chuck Wilson Bootlegger Guitar. The “Absinthe” (see definition below) In keeping with the Bootlegger tradition, we are designing a full body headless guitar with the same South Korea hardware, high quality, found on the Spade and Ace guitars. We will be building both a 6 and 7 string guitar, and a 5 string bass. 

Colors will be Blue see through maple flame (same as Royal) Red see through flame and Green see through flame. The new guitar will feature a tremolo system. 

The Absinthe guitar does not replace the Spade or Ace it brings a new option for headless players. 

I will be offering investment opportunities with this build. A minimum of $5,000 will make you a partner in the first build with both a guitar at cost and return on your investment tied to sales/profits. Projected list price 6 and 7 string guitar $700 to $800. Bass $800 to $900 with case.

Contact me at cw@bootleggerguitar.com. Please include your phone number.

Thank you Chuck Wilson. 

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