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We are a Los Angeles boutique guitar and tube amp builder. We understand what makes a pro quality instrument. We likewise understand that quality instrument can be priced out of the reach of a lot of players. We don’t build copies, if you want another typical style please go elsewhere, if you desire a true affordable professional instrument, you have found it with Bootlegger Guitar.

We are proud to have pro musicians worldwide playing our gear from Russia, Australia, England, Spain, Ireland, France, New York to Los Angeles and South America. We also  have many passionate guitarists that play solely for the enjoyment of making music on a fine instrument. 

From bedrooms to garage bands, roadhouse bars and church bands, concert stages to philharmonic orchestras you can find our guitars and amps. The name Bootlegger Guitar comes from our love of blues, Jazz, rock and whisky. 

When you buy our gear you become a  member of the family. We give full customer support the only way we know how, 100 percent player satisfaction. We have established our success on value, quality and customer support.

Feel free to contact me direct.
Chuck Wilson 

833 776 2937 call or text


A bottle or flask of whiskey in your boot 


A person who makes illegal whiskey

Bootlegger Guitar: 

Vintage and modern style guitars, tube amps and pedals 

It’s about the players